Sunday, February 7, 2010

Since Dawn was staining hers, she stained the colors she wanted. We kind of got things out of sequence but we made do and things look great. After we glued the parts together we stitched them together to make the hull and deck. "tack welded" them together.

What can I say? there is one in every crowd!

A couple of pics here to show the scarf and puzzle cuts.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Well we, Dave and Dawn, started the adventure last year with a desire to build some fun, surf kayaks. We did some thinking and planned. Then we started! Since there are two of us, I decided to make some patterns from the plans. With those patterns we cut our parts.

I decided to paint my kayak after seeing a very nice looking one that was painted. I usually like to see the wood, although natural or stained plywood is not my thing. Dawn wanted a stained one. And Dawn being a woman, she want a scarf!! And I just stayed puzzled. I used a small router with a pattern cutting bit on it. It worked great. Just a few little hiccups but you learn as you go. I converted the puzzle joints to scarf joints on some tracing paper. I made a simple little jig to cut the scarfs with block plane.